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Stay in touch!

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24h_desk 24 hour front desk
adults_only Adults Only
ac Air-Conditioned
lounge Bar / Lounge
bbq BBQ
beachfront Beachfront
breakfast Breakfast Available
fireplace Fireplace
fitness Fitness Centre
kitchen Kitchen
laundry Laundry Facilities
lift Lift
minibar Minibar
nonsmoking rooms Non-Smoking Rooms
parking Parking
pet_friendly Pet Friendly
pool Pool
restaurant Restaurant (On-site)
sauna Sauna
self_catering Self Catering
spa Spa
tennis Tennis Court
tv TV
Walk Up (Stairs)
wifi Wi-Fi
Why book direct?
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Flexible Terms & Conditions
Welcome drink and delicacy on arrival
Opportunity for late check-out or early check-in
More personalized attention to your reservation
Some hotels offer free Wi-Fi only if you book direct
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